Group Coaching

Weekly Group Coaching Calls for Agile Practitioners

Our weekly group coaching calls are designed specifically for Agile practitioners and Scrum Masters! As experienced Agile coaches and Senior Scrum Masters, we understand the importance of continuous learning and improvement. That's why we've created these interactive and engaging coaching sessions, where participants can come together to share knowledge, discuss challenges, and grow in their Agile journey. Our group coaching calls provide a supportive and collaborative environment for professionals looking to refine their skills, enhance their understanding of Agile principles, and foster meaningful connections with fellow practitioners.

Common Challenges:

  • Difficulty in maintaining team motivation and engagement in a virtual or hybrid work environment.
  • Struggling to effectively facilitate Agile ceremonies, such as sprint planning, daily stand-ups, and retrospectives.
  • Balancing the demands of multiple roles as a Scrum Master, including coaching, mentoring, and removing impediments.
  • Adapting to rapidly changing project requirements and ensuring the team's ability to deliver high-quality products within tight deadlines.
  • Overcoming resistance to Agile transformation within the organization and managing stakeholder expectations.

Each week, our coaching calls will tackle a diverse range of topics, from Scrum ceremonies and team dynamics to Agile frameworks and leadership techniques. Our sessions are tailored to address the real-world challenges faced by Agile practitioners, offering valuable insights and actionable strategies that can be immediately implemented in your day-to-day work. We combine the expertise of seasoned Agile coaches with the collective wisdom of our participants, ensuring a rich learning experience that caters to various experience levels and backgrounds.

In addition to discussing relevant Agile topics, our coaching calls also provide an opportunity for participants to present their unique challenges and seek guidance from our experienced coaches, as well as their peers. We believe that group learning fosters a sense of camaraderie and empowers individuals to tackle complex issues with a broader perspective. By engaging in open and honest conversations, our coaching calls serve as a powerful catalyst for personal and professional growth, enabling participants to elevate their Agile practice to new heights.


  • Improved understanding of Agile methodologies and frameworks, enabling more effective implementation and adaptation to unique project circumstances.
  • Enhanced facilitation and communication skills to better manage team dynamics, foster collaboration, and improve overall productivity.
  • Access to expert advice and guidance from experienced Agile coaches, allowing for more effective problem-solving and decision-making.
  • A supportive community of peers who share similar challenges, offering fresh perspectives and innovative solutions for overcoming obstacles.
  • Increased confidence in one's abilities as an Agile practitioner, leading to greater career growth opportunities and the potential to drive positive change within the organization.

Join us for our weekly group coaching calls and become a part of a vibrant community of Agile professionals who are committed to growth and excellence. Whether you're a seasoned Scrum Master or a budding Agile enthusiast, our coaching sessions will provide you with the tools, insights, and support you need to thrive in your Agile journey. Embark on a transformative learning experience and unlock your full potential as an Agile practitioner by signing up for our group coaching calls today.

For more information, please email us at or call our office at +1 949-304-1033.